La Rascruce Inn Garana since 1992

In a beautiful area on the northern part of the Semenic Mountain, on a height of approximately 1000 m, a few families from Klatau (Boemis) settled around the year 1830, and colonized the Banat Mountains. They called themselves Pemi and founded the Wolfsberg village, which today is called Garana.

The massive emigration before and after '89 left houses and even whole villages empty, to the joy of the new colonists from Timisoara and other cities around, which arranged their summer residences in Garana, Brebu Nou, Trei Ape and Valiug.

Leaving the smoking chimneys of Resita towards Valiug, well known holiday resort, you arrive in Garana where at a road crossing you will discover the "La Rascruce" Inn.

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