La Rascruce Inn Garana since 1992

The Garana village, or by its original name the Wolfsberg (wolf mountain) village can be found at a altitude of approximately 1.000 m more accurate the church keyhole is at exactly 1000 m and we would like to recommend this church as a visitation site for your first walk through the village. It is a very beautiful catholic church taken care of by the last natives.

This walk through the village will bring you other joys as well. It is a Pemi village, which came from Bohemia into this part of the Habsburgig Empire 200 years ago and where isolated most of the time on the top of the mountain. This led to the conservation of old habits, which can be seen in the architectural style. Most of the houses are painted white with green doors and windows. The scenery is unitary, neat, and superb.

If you wish to take longer walks, there are many beautiful sites in the area, but I will start with the charming landscape you will find around the village. If you go down you will arrive at a brook, which is very cold even in the middle of the summer surrounded by green pastures where you can take a bath or a sunbath. By crossing the brook, you can walk into the shady woods where you can find clearings with raspberry and blackberry bushes.

If you walk towards the end of the village and beyond you will find a peak of rocks from which you have a wonderful panorama, you can see the Semenic peak, the Garana village, and the Brebu village.

Other points of attraction, farther from the village, towards you can walk to, are the Trei Ape Lake and the Brebu Nou village. The lake has a pontoon from where you can rent a boat or a waterbicycle, but if you want some intimacy, you can descent to the lake from the road that surrounds almost the whole lake for a dip, sunbath, or even a pick-nick.

On the road by the lake, you can get to the Brebu Nou village, another picturesque village inhabited by Pems.

For longer walks, (there is a path through the woods) or drives, in the winter the walk can be very hard, I would like to mention the Semenic resort, which in the summer is peaceful, and the landscape is marvelous. Here you can visit the little wood church near the Gozna peak. In the winter, tourists who can ski on two slopes visit the resort.

If you drive approximately 12 km back to Resita, you will arrive in the Valiug village where the Valiug Lake is. On the shore, you will find several pontoons from where you can rent a boat or just take a bath in the sun, relax and have a cold drink. The lake is cold and clean.

Indifferent of the season in Garana you won't get bored.


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